The History of Ahmed

The establishing of Ahmed Temple #37 has helped in creating a positive presence in the Tallahassee community and echoes throughout the Desert Of Florida and beyond. Unity amongst African-Americans reflecting different walks of life is the work of God and reflects true brotherly love. The beginning or alpha of Ahmed Temple#37 in August of 1956, began with Noble Joe Thurman as the charter Illustrious Potentate, Chief Rabban was George Jackson, and Assistant Rabban was secured by Oscar J. Chestnut. The temples’ early years were surrounded by a social climate that was identified with racial and political tension. Tallahassee, Florida was not excluded from the racial tension and chaos. Protest, rallies, and boycotts were no stranger to the Oasis of Tallahassee. Ahmed Temple# 37 withstood the social tension and emerged as a pillar in the community. Despite social and political obstacles the Nobles of Ahmed Temple #37 made their mark on many venues relating to Shrinedom.

The Oasis of Tallahassee was host to Florida’s Gala Day Celebrations in 1965, 1971and 1993. Nobles of Ahmed Temple#37 have also hosted the Desert of Florida Conference in 1989 with Ahmed Court #134 serving as co-host. In the year 2006 Ahmed Temple served as hosts for the Florida-Georgia Shriners connection. We hosted it again in 2008 which was widely considered the best ever. Ahmed Temple#37 records its birth in the year of 1956 and remains strong thru present day times.